Motor Vehicle Insurance is not only useful for protecting your vehicle. By having vehicle insurance, you will feel safer when driving. The protection provided is not limited to the vehicle, but also for drivers, passengers, or third parties loss. When there is loss, you should immediately file an insurance claim. However, customers often experience problems when submitting claims. Therefore, to avoid these issues, learn these reasons why your motor vehicle insurance claim is rejected.

  1. Policy is lapse

The insurance policy is in a lapse status (inactive) due to several reasons. For example, if you are not paying the insurance premiums or having passed the maturity of the grace period. Therefore, it is important to make sure your policy is in active status, before submitting a claim.

  1. Damage has occurred before the insurance period

When you apply for motor vehicle insurance, the insurance company will conduct a survey to verify the condition of your vehicle. If the vehicle has been damaged before being insured, then the damage will not be covered by the insurance company.

  1. Incomplete document

When submitting a claim, make sure you complete all the required documents, such as the original policy, photocopy of the driver’s license, original STNK, and the original BPKB. You can also attach a photo as proof when submitting a claim. If the documents are complete, the validation process will be easier and the claim process will be smoother.

  1. Risks are not covered in the policy

It is important that you read and understand the policy overview in detail. So you can understand and classify various risks that are covered and that are not covered by the insurance. Thus, when there is a risk, you already know whether the loss is covered or not.

  1. Past the deadline for submitting a claim

When experiencing risk, the most common mistake is not reporting the loss to the insurance company immediately. Therefore, you need to ensure that the claim is submitted within the specified time limit. Do not delay and report the losses you have experienced immediately.

  1. Commit a law violation

The insurance company certainly will not guarantee the risk if the driver is indicated to have violated the law. For example, if the risk of loss occurs due to reckless drivers or not keeping traffic signs. In addition, claims will also be rejected when the damage/losses suffered have been manipulated. If during the survey it is proven that there is manipulation or violation of the law, then the insurance claim will of course be rejected.

As a wise vehicle owner, you will certainly be careful when driving. You will also insure the vehicle you own, so you feel safer and more comfortable while driving. In addition to understanding the protection and benefits provided by the insurance company, it is also important to understand the procedures and conditions related to insurance claims. With this article, when there is a loss, hopefully your insurance claim is not rejected. If you still have questions related to Motor Vehicle Insurance protection or related to the claim process, you can directly contact ABDA Insurance at number (021) 280 90111 or via WhatsApp ABDA Insurance Business at 0817 001 0022.

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