In the midst of economic conditions that are still slowing down, where several lines of insurance that become Company’s mainstay has decreased, ABDA still can maintain good performance with profit Rp. 173.48 billion.

In 2016, the Company booked a derivation of gross premium 14.39% or decreased Rp. 197.99 billion from Rp. 1.38 trillion in 2015 become Rp. 1.18 trillion in 2016.

Sementara itu pertumbuhan pendapatan premi neto dicapai perusahaan sebesar 7,67% atau meningkat sebesar Rp. 85,64 miliar dari sebesar Rp. 1,12 triliun pada tahun 2015 menjadi Rp. 1,2 triliun pada tahun 2016.

Meanwhile, the company’s net premium income growth reached 7.67% or increased Rp. 85.64 billion from Rp. 1.12 trillion in 2015 become Rp. 1.2 trillion in 2016.

In the year 2016, the acquisition of investment return have a considerable decrease Rp. 142.01 billion or 55.35% become Rp. 114.54 billion compared to 2015 that is Rp. 256.56 billion.

Some awards for Very Good Predicate are still accepted throughout 2016, this proves that hard work and optimism Management facing all challenges produce an optimal results.

Results of the AGMS

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held by Company on June 13, 2017 has approved, among others:

Distribution of Dividend of book year 2016 is Rp. 90, – per share, so the total amount of Dividend is Rp. 55,872,601,200, – paid to shareholders on July 14, 2017.

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