Tips for Flooded Vehicles

        1. Do not switch on the engine after the vehicle has been submerged in order to prevent more damage to the engine system, for instance, water hammer (water flowing into the carburetor) that makes the piston handlebar broken. This could invalidate the insurance claim, because the fault is on the driver’s side.
        2. Immediately switch off the engine of your car and motorcycle when the incident(flood) happens. We will tow the vehicle with a towing car to our partner auto repair shop. ABDA Insurance provides evacuation service with car carrier and towing car for Jabodetabek Area.
        3. Do not force the car or motorcycle through the flood or try to switch on the engine after the car has been submerged by water, even though the water has dried. We will not pay any compensation if the damage becomes worse due to owner’s or the unsured party’s action.
        4. Make sure that your vehicle insurance policy also covers damages caused by flooding.
        5. Submit the claim for your car or motorcycle as soon as possible.

Tips for Property Insurance Claim

      1. Report and submit the claim for your house, store, or warehouse as soon as possible to the Integrated Claim Unit of ABDA Insurance by phone 201-45851018 or SMS 0877-8282-8121 or email to or go to the nearest ABDA branch office.
      2. Take some possible action to reduce the loss, such as moving undamaged items to a safer location.
      3. If possible, make a documentation about the damage, such as a photograph of the damaged items (you can use your mobile phone or digital camera).
      4. Make sure that your insurance policy covers the damage caused by flooding.

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