Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 5 November 2014

Change of Composition of the Board of Directors

On 5 November 2014 at the Financial Club Jakarta, ABDA held an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), resulting in the approval of the resignation of Mr. Sarkoro Handajani as Independent Commissioner and the appointment of Ms. Herlani Sunardi as the new Independent Commissioner.

Thus, the new composition of the management from 5 November 2014 to 30 April 2018 is as follows:

President Commissioner : Mr. Tjan Soen Eng
Independent Commissioner : Ms. Herlani Sunardi
Commissioner : Ms. Murniaty Kartono
President Director / Independent Director : Mr. Candra Gunawan
Independent Director : Ms. Eka Listiani Kartono
Director : Mr. Dody Sjachroerodly
Director : Ms. Jeni Wirjadinata